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Smart City Expo Poland
Lodz / Expo Lodz
October 18 - 19, 2023

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Our mission

Smart City is a notion that embraces the entirety of technologies and services that are aimed at the creation of a modern city, friendly to both the environment and its citizens. Bearing this general definition in mind, we would like to present the products and technologies that are designed to ensure better city management and modernisation. In our exhibition halls you will see equipment and technologies, among others, from the following businesses and sectors: renewable energy sources and methods of energy storage, e-mobility (cars and charging systems), mobile applications for citizens, e-payments, e-office, energy-saving street lighting, closed system management and modern methods of raw materials processing, systems for urban infrastructure management, municipal monitoring systems, tidiness and cleanliness maintenance. Increasing air pollution is currently a difficult issue facing Polish towns. Though we represent one of the cleanest regions in Poland, we are not indifferent to this problem. Consequently, among our exhibitors, you will find producers and distributors of anti-smog technologies and solutions that can affect elimination of low-emission sources. 

Thematic scope of the event

We would like to invite producers and distributors from the following businesses and sectors to cooperate in the organisation of the fairs and events: 

  • renewable energy sources, 

  • methods of energy storage, 

  • e-mobility (electric cars and charging systems), 

  • anti-smog technologies and solutions, 

  • low-emission municipal public transport (hybrid, electric, hydrogen solutions, CNG/LNG), 

  • mobile applications for citizens, 

  • e-payments, 

  • e-office, 

  • energy-saving street lighting, 

  • closed system management and modern methods of raw materials processing, 

  • systems for urban infrastructure management, 

  • municipal monitoring systems, 

  • tidiness and cleanliness maintenance, 

  • innovative solutions concerning small infrastructure, 

  • solutions relating to road-building (modern surfaces for paths and roads, road signs, light signals, etc.), 

  • Solutions for civil infrastructure management.


Specific aims 

  • Organisation of a professional trade fair, during which selected technologies and products falling within the chosen range of topics will be presented. Persons visiting the fairs will include decision-makers and those directly responsible for investments in urban areas: city and town presidents and mayors, directors and heads of investment departments (roads, cubature investments), staff managing public utility companies (thermal power stations, heat and power plants, town cleaning, road management). We are also inviting designers, architects and engineers.

  • Organisation of a national exhibition of innovative technologies, which will be called Smart City. It will involve an exhibition area designed for projects from higher study institutions and start-ups, dedicated solutions that came on the market in 2017 or those that will be commercialised in the nearest future.

  • Organisation of conferences and themed workshops. The accompanying events will include conferences and workshops organised in cooperation with higher study institutions and companies operating in the Smart City area, and representatives from local government who will present good practices and implemented solutions.

How do we plan to reach visitors?

  • a campaign on the national radio station, 

  • printed invitations for representatives of companies and local government, 

  • an advertising campaign in specialist printed magazines, 

  • an advertising campaign on specialist websites, 

  • personalised mailing (over 10,000 addresses), 

  • internet advertising: remarketing, google adwords, 

  • announcements about the fairs on our partners’ web pages, 

  • announcements about the fairs on web pages relating to

  • economy and local government, 

  • social media,

  • an outdoor campaign.


Time, place, contact:


October 21 - 22, 2021

Place of the Fair:
Global - Expo


ul. Hoza 86 lok. 410,
00-682 Warsaw,
M: + 48 795 123 482

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